PMU Foals

Premarin is an estrogen replacement therapy commonly prescribed to women to minimize the symptoms of menopause. It is produced from the urine of pregnant mares and is the only estrogen replacement drug produced from animals. But it’s production leads to the slaughter of tens of thousands of foals annually. In the production of Premarin, mares are kept pregnant and their urine is collected to make the drug. But once their offspring are born, the foals often end up at slaughterhouses. This is because there are far too many weanlings released into the market than there are available homes for them. The high numbers of foals produced by this industry also compete for homes with the many horses already in need of a rescue in auctions, feedlots, and for which homes are already unavailable. White Bird does not endorse the use of Premarin. The many plant derived alternatives make the production of this drug unnecessary, and studies on HRT suggest that it can cause long-term adverse health consequences. If you are a woman of menopause age, please become educated about the available alternatives for keeping yourself healthy in a way that is humane to horses.