The White Bird Style Salon was open for business yesterday! The Cushing’s Club horses (Oreo, Wonder, Allison, Mr. Bowersox and Star) were bathed, shed, dried, clipped, rubbed down, comforted and generally provided the total spa experience with some help from the Cumberland Cayuse Riders 4H and White Bird volunteers Allie, Katie and Whitney. Big thanks […]

Berry, nice to meet you.

Berry arrived at her foster home yesterday, greeted by the White Bird Welcoming Committee, made up of new foster mom Hope, Kate, Allison, Travis, Jorg and our VSV (very small volunteer), Anthony. We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone who helped with her arrival. Special thanks go to TREES and Sam for their continuing efforts […]

It’s Official!

White Bird has been Verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Actually, this happened on December 15, but we were waiting until the formal announcement came out to let everyone know. The full press release can be found at:

As a part of the Verification process, White Bird also received a grant for […]

Why we limit intake

With the ever increasing pressures on families in these difficult economic times, there are correspondingly large numbers of horses looking for new homes, being sold at auctions, or simply being left to fend for themselves. Every day, we receive heart-breaking calls, not only about senior, blind, or medically challenged horses, but also regarding good broke, […]

More Volunteers

After 3 weeks at the Rescue, Blitzen is starting to fill out. His initial weight, recorded by the attending vet on April 4th, was 720 lbs,. When we taped him over the weekend he was 893 lbs. This is still very thin for a horse of his size and bone, but he has come a […]