Adieu and Hello


Dutch Saying Goodbye

Dutch has a forever home – yay! Thank you Sarah for providing him with the opportunity to live out his days with an understanding rider and friend. This is a good example of an older horse with plenty of life left in him, and the opportunity to give a mature […]

It’s Official!

White Bird has been Verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Actually, this happened on December 15, but we were waiting until the formal announcement came out to let everyone know. The full press release can be found at:

As a part of the Verification process, White Bird also received a grant for […]


At long last, we have completed step one of a project that we have been trying to complete, it seems, forever. The rescue farm comprises about 50 acres and we use practically every inch. The exception has been the small, quarter acre parcel behind the pole barn. It had once clearly been used as a […]