Immediate Home Needed- Run Jane

“Run Jane” needs a safe place to land- and quickly. This 4-year old racehorse suffered an injury to her knee that will prevent her from being raced or ridden again. The owner tried to have the knee surgically repaired, but without success. Her caretaker has developed severe health issues and can no longer care for […]

White Bird Featured in the Richmond Times-Dispatch

A few weeks ago, we were interviewed by the good folks at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, who kindly provided us the opportunity to talk about rescued horses. The results of this interview and several subsequent discussions appeared in this morning’s paper. Aside from the fact that Tom thinks he looks awful in the video and that […]

“…so that they may live the remainder of their lives in safety and dignity.”


This statement is the last line of our Mission Statement and it underpins our whole philosophy toward equine rescue. When we founded White Bird nearly ten years ago, we decided that we would be a rescue of last resort, taking in horses in urgent need and only after all other avenues had been exhausted. […]


Okay, the picture isn’t perfect but you can still see that this mare is a cutie patootie. “Sunrise” (Indian Sunrise) is a 14.2 H Appy mare and she is in need of a new home.

Sunrise is a good trail horse and can be ridden either English or Western. She does need an experienced rider. […]

Home Urgently Needed: ReRock

White Bird gets a lot of requests to take in horses that need to be rehomed. In many cases, the owner is just looking to rehome the horse and it doesn’t really need to go to a rescue organization. It just needs a new owner. Our priority is, and always has been, to take […]

It’s Official!

White Bird has been Verified by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Actually, this happened on December 15, but we were waiting until the formal announcement came out to let everyone know. The full press release can be found at:

As a part of the Verification process, White Bird also received a grant for […]

Chance and Tilly Return


Tilly (Right)

One of the important clauses in our adoption contract is the stipulation that, should the unexpected happen and the adopter can no longer keep the horse, they are returned to the rescue. We tend to have a protracted adoption process, partially because keeping a horse should not be undertaken lightly, […]

Shelter Challenge Update

We have just 9 days left to get the Rescue back into the VA top ten. We are currently still at 12th in VA but slipping down overall and now at 526th. One last push could do it. I know many of our supporters in the US also support other animal charities on the list, […]

Why we limit intake

With the ever increasing pressures on families in these difficult economic times, there are correspondingly large numbers of horses looking for new homes, being sold at auctions, or simply being left to fend for themselves. Every day, we receive heart-breaking calls, not only about senior, blind, or medically challenged horses, but also regarding good broke, […]

Blind Faith

Allison on the left, Mr. Bowersox on the right

Earlier this year, an ancient Appaloosa pony found himself, along with many other unfortunate horses, in an auction house in Montana. Blind and starved, he had no idea where he was, or what was happening when the auctioneer started his bid at $5.00. When […]