Longwood MLK Day Challenge

Longwood MLK Challenge Volunteers

The Rescue was a grateful recipient of volunteers from Longwood University’s Martin Luther King Jnr Day service challenge. Every year LU run a MLK Celebration week, which this year was January 18-22. During the week the university hosts their the MLK Service Challenge, an […]

2014 Top Rated Award

Want to help the White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue get more donations? If you nominate us for a 2014 Top-Rated Award you could help us gain an online promotion worth $20,000, or a trip to the annual Technology for Social Good event in California to meet with potential donors. Just write a new, positive review, […]

Donations and Challenge

We carried out a mail-out exercise in 2009 and we are aware that some donors are still using the Box Number that came on those envelopes. That number is now closed and donors should either use our farm address (1688 Burke’s Tavern Road, Burkeville, VA 23922) or the PayPal link provided on this web site, […]

Shelter Challenge Update

We have just 9 days left to get the Rescue back into the VA top ten. We are currently still at 12th in VA but slipping down overall and now at 526th. One last push could do it. I know many of our supporters in the US also support other animal charities on the list, […]

Why we limit intake

With the ever increasing pressures on families in these difficult economic times, there are correspondingly large numbers of horses looking for new homes, being sold at auctions, or simply being left to fend for themselves. Every day, we receive heart-breaking calls, not only about senior, blind, or medically challenged horses, but also regarding good broke, […]

More Shelter Challenge

633rd and 15th! Steady progress, all you voters. We move 10 up overall most days and 1 up VA every two days. Excellent progress to put us in the top ten in VA before December 19th. We could even make the top 20 overall in that time. Keep up the good work. New readers see […]

Shelter Challenge

643rd overall and 16th in Virginia. Now comes the long haul to get into that 10th place. Thank you for voting, we’ve come a long way and can still make it. Here is the link again:


Shelter Challenge Update

Thank you everyone who is still voting. We are at 18th in Virginia and 763rd overall in just 8 days.

This is a stupendous achievement from almost a standing start on Saturday. Actually it was a rolling start and our thanks must go to Lori Reffett of Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue in Delray, WV. […]

Shelter Challenge Update

Absolutely awesome. Were now at 1394th, having improved by 3743 places since Saturday last. We are 37th out of around 350 in Virginia. Thank you everyone. Now if we can just keep it up!

Rescue Shelter Holiday Challenge

This is Blitzen after rehab. Before she left for home Laura had him working for 40 minutes each day. It is one of the real pleasures in rescue to see an emaciated and depressed horse turn back into a happy and contented riding partner. To do this we need volunteers, but we also need […]