Oreo Old Codger Extreme b. c 1966



Yesterday afternoon we helped another of our old codgers across the rainbow bridge. Oreo, a Welsh pony, was one of the stalwarts of the rescue and a much loved favorite of young and old alike. We have no real way of knowing how old he was, but when he came to us in March 2007 he was already in his forties. His veterinary records are listed at 50+!  His past history is mostly lost, but we know he was rescued at one point from a situation of neglect, and we understand that he was once a carnival pony. We always imagined him as a smart, show pony for some small girl, possibly called “Hercules” or “Lightning”, as he set out on his life’s adventure. Other than a slight “geezerish” attitude, Oreo was a friendly pony and like all our old codgers was a favorite of our volunteers and visitors, with much time spent by them working on his extremely shaggy hair (he had Cushing’s Disease). As usual, at this time of the year, we had just been discussing how to get his coat  down to a reasonable length for the summer without destroying yet another set of blades! Then in the afternoon he started to exhibit signs of neurological stress and shortly after collapsed.  Apart from requiring his daily Pergolide medication, and a strict diet, which also accommodated his “dentally impaired” status, he was a robust little pony.  A great example of his breed. Requiring little more than his regular stall, and the company of his pasture buddy Wendy, he passed the years at White Bird a true inheritor of our tag line “…to live out the remainder of their lives in safety and dignity”. To say that he will be missed is an understatement, but today we know he will be enjoying the company of old White Bird friends and codgers Rodney and Mr.B, his long journey over. Goodbye Oreo, it was a pleasure knowing you, and we will never forget you.

Oreo Enjoys his "Day at the Spa"

            Oreo Enjoys his “Day at the Spa”


2 comments to Oreo Old Codger Extreme b. c 1966

  • Virginia Hudson

    Once again, you at Whitebird have to endure unspeakable sadness. But knowing Oreo was loved and cared for in the best way humanly possible, is a celebration too. Raise a glass to Oreo! And raise a glass to the Whitebird community!

  • Tom

    Oreo had a great long life and it was a pleasure to know him. thank you.

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