My Name is “Cheyenne” and I Need a New Home. – VA.

I can’t think of a single thing to add to this wonderful description by Cheyenne’s present owners.

“Cheyenne, He is a beautiful, wonderful, strawberry roan appaloosa gelding. He is about 20 yrs. young & 16 hands tall. He has the spirit of a young stallion, the heart of a lion & the love & commitment of a best friend. He is a rescued horse. He had been chained to a tree with no food or water. The 2 young women who found him & nursed him back to health sold him to us. They had named him “Last Chance.” The day we went to see him for the first time, he and I had a talk, I asked him if he would like a new name. His whinny let me know he was just fine with that idea. I said a small prayer, & asked Heavenly Father, to please place a name on my heart for this magnificent horse that he had brought into our lives. I asked, “do you like the name Cheyenne?” Once again, his whinny let me know that was the name for him. He has always responded to that name, since. He has been with us since that day. We hung a plaque on his pasture fence with his name so everyone would know what to call him. He was ridden until my husband’s health would not allow it any longer. Since that time he has been a beloved member of our family. Our children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren love him dearly. The only reason he needs a new, loving family is because my husband & I are moving to a retirement community & we must find him a new home. He will fill your heart & your days with love, & joy.”

Please contact Cheyenne’s owners directly, Rebecca & Thomas Flippo at: 804-222-9256. Cheyenne is obviously loved by his family, so they will naturally want a vet reference and personal references to make sure that he is going to the best possible home. Remember that Cheyenne is not here at the rescue and all inquiries should be directed to his owners.

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  • Laurie Allen

    I saw this notice of Cheyenne and was wondering if they found a home for him yet? If not I’d be interested in speaking with you? I have 2 other Appys at home. My one horse Ed is a rescue from 2009 and 24yo with severe navicular so he is pretty much retired and my other is a mare I foaled 14 yrs ago, she is too small for me to ride at 13’2. I’m just looking for something to trail/pleasure ride. I am a 50 yo female with 30 years experience with horses.

  • Hi Laurie,

    We haven’t had a chance to evaluate Cheyenne yet, but we do know he was being ridden by an older gentleman 2 to 3 years ago. Our trainer will be assessing Cheyenne in the coming weeks so we can give you a better estimate of his riding level. In the meantime you can find our adoption requirements on our web site under Adopt a Horse and contact us on if you have any further questions. Where are you as we do require a farm visit. Thank you for your inquiry.

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