Charlotte Crossing Visits White Bird

Misc John 10_12 026On October 12, White Bird was visited by the residents and staff of Charlotte Crossing, a psychosocial rehabilitation center in Charlotte Courthouse, VA that provides daily assistance to challenged adults. Braving some decidedly chilly weather, our guests were treated to a presentation of the rescue, a tour of the farm, visited the horses and got to see a number of other farm animals, including Tom’s cow-milking demonstration. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting this group and commend Charlotte Crossing for their compassionate and competent program.

2 comments to Charlotte Crossing Visits White Bird

  • That was so sweet. I am just wondering,can anyone visit white bird? or there is a need of special authorization?

  • We are by appointment only as it is a working farm as well as rescue (see, but we do welcome visitors and will arrange a day and time to suit. If you contact us at we can set something up (but probably when the weather gets better). Thank you for your interest.

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