A very Happy Thanksgiving to all our family, volunteers, donors and supporters. We all have much to be thankful for.

We are thankful for our family, who put up with our rescue mission even though it means we rarely see each other.

We are thankful for our volunteers who come out in all weathers […]

In Memorium – Sage

Sage Relaxing

The sadness that goes along with the loss of a valued equine friend is immediate and lasting. While we never got to know Sage, his owner Marcia’s love for him was evident in her email to us, saying “Sage was the most wonderful and amazing horse. He loved everyone.” Sage, a stunning […]

Home Needed for Appy in SC



Mack is a friendly Appy around 18 to 20 y.o. It is possible he has Cushings as he has foundered with previous owners after being left on unlimited grass. This has left him probably unrideable, and he must wear a muzzle when on pasture. He is blind in his left eye, undiagnosed […]

For Wonder it’s his Forever Home at Last

Wonder’s Boots

Wonder, our “horse greeter” and all round good guy, has found his forever home at last. Thanks to Melissa he will have a good friend, and constant care and attention for the rest of his days. We feel that there is a special someone for all our rescue horses, and although the […]

Spanky Needs a Home


This 11 yo 15H Appy is in desperate need of a new home. He is a little skittish at first, but once he trusts you, he will follow you everywhere. Although he has never been ridden he trailers well, and is good for the farrier. He was doing so well with the rescuer, […]

Adieu and Hello


Dutch Saying Goodbye

Dutch has a forever home – yay! Thank you Sarah for providing him with the opportunity to live out his days with an understanding rider and friend. This is a good example of an older horse with plenty of life left in him, and the opportunity to give a mature […]

A Visit from the Homes for Horses Coalition

It’s been hot. Really hot. Not just “I am not going to run a 5K today” hot, but “I’d rather spend the day sitting in the pond up to my neck” hot. So we’ve had all our oldies hanging out in the barns under the fans by day, and out grazing at night. This […]

Senior Horse Shout Out!

Do you know someone who is absolutely passionate about their work? We all probably know at least one- the sparkly, energetic professional who just loves his or her job. When it comes time to retire, what do they do? They either continue working at their craft for another employer, or they start out in […]

Urgent – Rescuer Needs Help

A dedicated northern Virginia rescuer must close her doors, due to a zoning conflict. This really stinks because we know this rescue well and it has been a top notch refuge for many species, for many years. Homes are needed immediately for her remaining horses. Time is now very short, so if you have any […]


Allison During Rehab

It is never easy to report that one of our residents has been helped over the rainbow bridge, and sometimes it is particularly difficult. Allison left this world for an easier one at 4:05 PM on Tuesday 11th June 2013. This tiny POA came to us after an especially harsh period […]