Lost and Found

“No. Way.” I stared at the picture on the screen in utter disbelief. “Seriously?”

A poster on Facebook was seeking any information about her old horse. He had gone missing after he was traded for another horse by the boarding barn where he was being kept. We’ll just say “traded” and leave it at that. […]

If Wishes Had Wings

Yesterday was a long day.

“He has fallen down in the trailer.” The concerned voice on the phone was that of a local animal control officer who was on her way to White Bird with a surrendered horse. We raced to prepare for his arrival, but we were ill prepared for the horse that arrived. […]

Eagle Scout Project No.1

Congratulations to Rob Halliday of Troop 2880 in Richmond on becoming an Eagle Scout! We have had the pleasure of the support of scouts and parents from Troop 2880 for several years, and we were pleased to be selected for Rob’s Eagle Scout project.

Due to a generous donation of stall fronts, and hardware by […]

Rescue. Rehabilitate. Retrain. REHOME.

Since 2003, the White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue has come to the aid of Appaloosas and other at-risk horses. We rescue them, bring them into the best condition possible, correct any behavioral issues, and then find them caring and permanent homes. But over the last few years, this last service has become increasingly difficult.

Where […]

I AM Mr. Bowersox

In October 2010, we were contacted by a person in Montana who had just rescued an abandoned pony at an auction in Montana. The pony had been run through the pit at Missoula Auction, but when the auctioneer and gallery realized he was blind, no one would bid even a dollar for him and the […]

Nice Guy, Needs Help (Frazier Park, CA)

This sweet guy really needs a hand. His current caretaker rescued him and has cared for him since last year. While her efforts to support him have been truly heroic, she cannot afford to continue caring for him. Over the years, we have seen a lot of horses like this. They may not have […]

Do You Know These Horses? VA

The mare and two geldings were found this morning in the road in Nottoway County, VA. If you own these horses or know who the owner is, please contact the kind folks who picked them up at: 804 972 0447.



One of the most difficult decisions that any rescue organization has to make is who to rescue. The reality is that none of us can save the world. By focusing on one species, breed or special condition, rescuers can often serve as a point of contact between the animals they rescue and the people interested […]

Spring! Finally!

Today, we have a nice gentle breeze, bright sunshine and temperatures well into the “not horrific” range. Spring is finally on its way! But Holy Toledo, what a rough winter! The past couple of months have been an unusually harsh one with more rain than we have ever seen and more mud as a […]

The Year of the Appaloosa

We wish we meant this in a positive sense, but we been just inundated with requests for help this year. For some reason, Appaloosas and their owners just seem to have had a run a bad luck!

Today, we are going to start with some Clearinghouse horses. As you may recall, these horses are not […]