Spanky Needs a Home


This 11 yo 15H Appy is in desperate need of a new home. He is a little skittish at first, but once he trusts you, he will follow you everywhere. Although he has never been ridden he trailers well, and is good for the farrier. He was doing so well with the rescuer, […]

A Visit from the Homes for Horses Coalition

It’s been hot. Really hot. Not just “I am not going to run a 5K today” hot, but “I’d rather spend the day sitting in the pond up to my neck” hot. So we’ve had all our oldies hanging out in the barns under the fans by day, and out grazing at night. This […]

Short on Time – Please Help

Appy Stud

RESCUE NEEDED! This Senior Appaloosa Stud has been signed over to the County by the owner. We need to find a rescue ASAP. If a reputable Rescue Group comes forward to take him, we do have a group willing to cover the cost to have him gelded. Please contact the Shelter at […]

Not Much Time… Chip FOUND a Home.



Thanks to the coverage we get from our web site, plus the sharing ability on facebook, Chip has found his new forever home. Thank you everyone who contacted Cynthia, and those of you who cross-posted and shared Chip’s information. It really does take a village to do rescue, and an electronic one is just […]

Welcome to our Valentine’s Day Edition of “Horses Seeking Relationships!”

Do you find yourself sighing over YouTube videos of people with their loving, equine BFF’s? Or, wistfully gazing at your back paddock (with adequate shelter and safe fencing) and thinking that it looks sort of empty? Yearning for a Valentine’s Day Sweetheart that just happens to have a mane and four hooves? Well, do […]

26 Acts of Kindness

Today, we at White Bird will join the nation in a moment of silence to honor the victims of the shootings at the Newtown Elementary School. It is telling, however, that even during our darkest moments, there is good to be found among those who would rather fight back than resign themselves in despair. […]

…And to All a Great Night!

Christmas Cheer in the L-Barn

Last night, the Rescue celebrated our first Silent Night at White Bird. We opened our doors, rolled out the red carpet and invited everyone in for some hot chocolate, cider, cookies and a Christmas party for the Rescue’s residents.

L-barn festivities

Ace face-painter Allison turned small children into […]

News of the Week

Tom narrates for the video, while Fancy listens intently!

Yes, that’s kind of a pun, since the big news this week was the fact that the wonderful folks at the Times-Dispatch came out to visit White Bird. Holly and Mark were given the rescue grand tour and met many of our residents up […]

Not Just Horses

Peanut and Muffin their temporary digs

This past year, we have noticed a sudden increase in our resident mouse population. We’re not sure why. It could be the recent drought, availability of feed in the farm’s chicken coops (though mice don’t always survive this experience- our chickens are fierce), or a host of other […]

Berry, nice to meet you.

Berry arrived at her foster home yesterday, greeted by the White Bird Welcoming Committee, made up of new foster mom Hope, Kate, Allison, Travis, Jorg and our VSV (very small volunteer), Anthony. We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone who helped with her arrival. Special thanks go to TREES and Sam for their continuing efforts […]