Oreo Old Codger Extreme b. c 1966


Yesterday afternoon we helped another of our old codgers across the rainbow bridge. Oreo, a Welsh pony, was one of the stalwarts of the rescue and a much loved favorite of young and old alike. We have no real way of knowing how old he was, but when he came to us […]

Longwood MLK Day Challenge

Longwood MLK Challenge Volunteers

The Rescue was a grateful recipient of volunteers from Longwood University’s Martin Luther King Jnr Day service challenge. Every year LU run a MLK Celebration week, which this year was January 18-22. During the week the university hosts their the MLK Service Challenge, an […]

RIP Star b. 1985 d. 11th December 2015


This morning we lost our shining Star. An Arab, he bore his various ailments with the stoicism of an Appaloosa, and his gentle nature made him a favorite of the many volunteers who worked with him. He came to us in 2008 after his owner became too ill to […]

Tri-Sigma Sorority Adopts White Bird!

We are pleased to announce that the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority Sisters of the Longwood University Chapter have adopted White Bird as their local charity cause! Our relationship with the Sisters goes back over three years, thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of Emily DeMasi and the energetic young women who have come out […]

Mona born c. 1980 d. August 25th 2015

Mr. B and Mona

Mona crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday evening to be with her White Bird companion Mr. B. She didn’t show it, but she definitely missed him after he passed in June. He had been her permanent safe spot from when she first met him, […]

Daisy’s Surprise

We thought we had seen it all. After twelve years in equine rescue and many more as private horse owners, we have seen a lot things, including pregnant mares. And these are easy to spot, right? With their seriously large bellies, they are as obvious as the moon. Occasionally, we’ve run across posts online from […]

Herd Dispersal in VA- Very Time Sensitive

We are seeking the assistance of good rescues and qualified homes to provide immediate assistance in the rehoming of a large group of needy horses. This herd consists of approximately 40 horses of varying age, most between 2 and 10 years old, containing stallions, mares (many in foal), geldings and colts. They are primarily Appaloosas […]

White Bird Horse Show

Allison and Fancy

White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue

1st Benefit Fun Horse Show April 26th 2014 Buckingham Equestrian Center, Dillwyn, VA

Enjoy a day out with the horses! The White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue is excited to announce its first ever Horse Show. Thanks to Allison’s hard work (http://www.birtwickparkstables.com) […]

Joe’s 10km Run

Ulysses and Joe

Pictured above are Ulysses, and his friend Joe Alcorn who is running in the Richmond, VA, Monument 10km run. Very adoptable if you want a pasture ornament or companion animal. Ulysses that is, not Joe (his wife Tolly might have something to say about that!) He will be […]

For Wonder it’s his Forever Home at Last

Wonder’s Boots

Wonder, our “horse greeter” and all round good guy, has found his forever home at last. Thanks to Melissa he will have a good friend, and constant care and attention for the rest of his days. We feel that there is a special someone for all our rescue horses, and although the […]