Bruce- Needs A Home Quickly


This nice boy needs a home ASAP. He is a veteran therapeutic riding horse who has lost his job because he is blind. But here’s the interesting thing: HE IS STILL SOUND AND RIDABLE.

Bruce has been trail ridden even blind. He was originally trained English and is calm, bombproof and well adjusted to his vision loss. Will someone give this deserving horse a home and a job? He is scheduled to be euthanized if a home can’t be found. Here are his details, provided by his friend:

16’2 15yr gelding. Blind.  Trained and used as
jumper and used also in therapeutic riding until this summer. Kind,
willing, sound, easy keeper. Unable to use him for program because of
blindness and large size.

Deadline for Finding a Home: 11/15/2013 Update: Bruce has found a home!

For more info, please contact Michelle, at the address below. Remember that this horse is not in the care of the rescue, so we have no additional information on him.

43 comments to Bruce- Needs A Home Quickly

  • kim

    I have a blind horse rescue in tn. My son rides and competes on blind horses. We will take him and love him forever

  • leigh

    Were is he located at???

  • Tracey Lane

    I have a couple questions about Bruce,how do you ride him if he’s blind? Is he voice or leg commanded.he must be very trusting of his rider to let them direct him . I have another app and he is a very devoted partner and never questions me,but he can see.Where is he located?thanks

  • Tracy Leahy


    Does Bruce still need a home? What state is he located in. I am in CT. Thanks, Tracy

  • Jodi

    Where is your location?

  • Cheryl Brands

    Are they just wanting someone to take him and let him retire in a pasture with others? Or are they wanting to sell him. Just asking because I may be able to or may have friends who would. It is a shame that a horse that has given so much of its life to people can’t be allowed to retire gracefully without the fear or threat of euthanasia. :(

  • Patty Gerding

    I’m a long way off in MO; but let me know as we rescue horses when we can.

  • Erica woodruff

    Hey ,
    Where are you located and is there an adoption fee?

  • Jennifer Riendeau

    Where is he located?

  • samantha

    how much are you asking for bruce? any lameness or health issues? UTD on everything? location?

  • Hello. he looks like a nice guy. I am on oxygen 24/7 Doctors don’t want me around horses. But one told me if someone would do the upkeep on a horse. I could ride. well Bruce looks awesome. I’m overweight, and He could help motivate me and walk slowly with me get me back into shape. Please let me know what where you live and if you still have him. Thank you Karla.

  • Chasity

    Hey I am very interested in this handsome boy. Email me and let me know how much is wanted for him, and where he is located.
    Thank You
    Chasity Shutt

  • sandy

    I can offer a home . Were are you and more info on him please thanks sandy

  • Brenda

    Where is he located? He is ok to take on trails?

  • sandra

    If this horse was used before for therapeutic riding and was calm and bomb proof and well adjusted to his vision loss, please tell me how it’s any different now to use him for the “program”. I’d also think he’s the same size as he was before while you were using him so how is he now to big to use? Seems going around and around a ring would suit him well.

  • Karen Lawver

    Has Bruce found a home?

  • Rachel

    where is he located?

  • Tammy Bradish

    I am interested in adopting Bruce. I need to know the steps and if you know of any available shippers to Michigan.
    Thank you so much,

  • Hi there, I’m honestly not trying to cause any issues here at all. I do my own out of pocket rescue and truly understand that there’s only so much room. However, he seems to be in legit urgent need and your facility (white bird app rescue) seems to cater to those that are in severe need. To me, this horse sounds like the perfect horse for your rescue, is there a reason he isn’t coming to your rescue/being surrendered? Seems you have cared for blind horses before and w this guy, he certainly seems easy o handle and fun to have around. I would say he is one to deserve a space if there is one. Euthanization is something I don’t disagree w if a safe home cannot be found because being run through auctions and such is not a way to end life…but he seems so perfect for your rescue. I guess I am just wondering what the deal is w him…Feel free to email.

  • Can you tell me where he is located?

  • loretta

    I would like to know if Bruce found a home? N where us he now n how much is he? I would really like to know! He seems prefect for me. N looking to save a good horse. Sounds like he needs me n i need him. Please respond! Loretta

  • Ann Russeau

    I have a small farm and will be able to take him in probly in the beginning of December to about half way through. THey are putting in a new septic system and well my property is torn up big time. I do have 2 other horses but they are both gelding and very layed back and non gresive. They are both low man on the totem poles at the boarding stables where they are bored temp. Is he totally blind??

  • Tina Betro

    Hi, where is this boy located? I am trying to get the word out as far and wide as possible.

    Thank you

    Tina Betro

  • Jody Rudewicz

    Good morning . I see you need a home for your beautiful boy because of his blindness ? I am interested in more info on him . I am a 3rd shift worker and will be in bed during the day but I will ck my yahoo mail when I get up. I will get back to you asa I get your response. I am looking for someone to love on and just be my friend. I lost my 2 geldings this yr and just bought another gelding but it isn’t working out with him. He has issues with an attitude during feeding time and I cant love on him at all he doesn’t like , he just wants to be left alone and this behavior isn’t what I want it a horse. I do have someone interested in buying him but im not sure when she will take him . you know how it goes nothing works out fast the way you like it to. I live in the Hershey area . where are you located ? you can reach me at 717-580-3069 after 7 up till 10. or I can call you on my way to work around 10:15 pm if that isn’t to late. I will wait to hear from you thank you . Jody Rudewicz

  • if he can be transported here i would be glad to give him a forever home.

  • We will take him. Please contact me.

  • Michele Sands

    Bruce has found a home–and I think through you all. Thanks so much for your help. Can’t tell you how relieved we are.

  • What state are you in? I am in arkansas and have had a blind horse. I also have horses that lead blind horses. He should not be put down. He has many years left to be a great pet.

  • Elayne Tingey

    I have two blind horses, 2 blind in one each. I would love to give this nice boy a home. I’m an optimist so even though I live in Idaho I think we could make this happen. He deserves to continue his service to those who needed him. Please consider this offer. I have a sanctuary for horses. Perhaps someone is heading his way.

  • Elayne Tingey

    Forgive me for the mistake 2 horse blind in one eye each.

  • james

    where are you located

  • Cat Nagle

    Hi. I live in Arizona. Where is Bruce located. Do you know anyone who could ship him. I can give a forever home. My Mare needs a companion. She is gentle. I live in Bisbee on twenty acres. Country. Peaceful and safe. Thank you. I like the thought of such a beautiful horse to be happy and loved here with us. Thank you, Cat

  • I will do sone checking ariund here in Nampa as I heard of a very nice man who has had some influence in a horse abuse case. So Ill make sone calls to see if I can get in touch w\ him and see if Idaho will be his new Forever home.
    Curious though as I shouldnt ask but I am so angry at the human waste of lifers that I am wondrring who and what has heartless animal has so easily swung the ax in making a full of life horse with only disability is loss of vision. Id like to know who made this murderous choice and feel that if this horse does die they all need to be held accountable and tell the public why a blind only horse has to lose it’s kife for what “justifies” this murder? Any truthful co,ments that are not excuses?

    Thank you

  • i have to blindy kids let me see what i can do but i cant come and get him.but i may be able tohome him .im not saying yet i can but let me sort some things out .Ann egloff
    Whinnyhill farm rescue sancuary
    vernon hill va
    fb ann egloff

  • white bird

    Bruce has been found
    a new home. Thank you all who enquired, shared and spread the word. Sorry if you did not get a reply we are away visiting relatives.

  • Madeline Busby

    interested ; just curious … if he can trail ride why can’t he be used ?
    i am in birmingham, alabama

  • If no one else steps up, please call me.

  • toni cannon

    Has Bruce found a home yet? today is the 11th

  • Lori Lockey

    Would like to know how I can rescue him..thanks

  • Patti Tate

    This breaks my heart! If I had a way to transport him, he’d have a home here with me. My first horse that I ever rode was a blind appy. :( :(

  • Thank God. Thank you, to whomever got him. I do not know this Horse, But Just something about him told me, he would be great for someone. I’m on Oxygen and would love a therapeutic veteran like him. God does answer prayers, So Glad Bruce got a home. :D

  • Hi Karla, sorry but your comment slipped through the net and we didn’t get back to you. Consequently, Bruce is no longer available. It may be that you can go to a local barn and get some horse time there. There are also therapeutic riding and handling facilities that cater for people who would otherwise be unable to care for a horse themselves. Best wishes.

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