Horses for Adoption

Except for Bear, who is our Sanctuary horse, all White Bird’s rescues are available for adoption.  However, they fall into a number of categories and need careful consideration before applying for adoption.  We have a number of horses for light riding.  They have all been assessed for capability and level,  and we will work with potential adopters to ensure a good fit for both the horse and rider’s needs. The next category covers ex-riding horses no longer able to be ridden but who would make excellent companion horses.   Some of these are Appaloosas and look especially good as “pasture ornaments”.  They may have medical problems, but none will pose serious financial investment that we are aware of.  The final category covers our more serious cases, such as blind or partially sighted horses, and medical conditions that might require long term expensive medication.  All of these horses live dignified, pain-free lives and can be rewarding to care for.  Their safety and overall care is assured at White Bird but, as with all our rescues, we would love to see them get the individual care and and attention they deserve.   They will respond one hundredfold.

Our adoption process is thorough, and not always as fast as potential adopters would like.  However, we are interested only in the well being of our adoptees and adopting a horse is not to be taken lightly.  We are also willing to foster non-riding horses, and details of what this entails can be obtained by contacting the Rescue.

Some of our horses available for adoption are currently listed on PetFinder. Please click below to go to



If you are seeking a particular horse and do not see what you are looking for, please contact us at: We often have horses that will be up for adoption soon but are not listed on the web site, or know of others in need of new homes. We are also happy to put people on the Want List, as we are frequently contacted regarding horses needing homes.