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Home Needed Urgently- MD

Thank You, home found 11/8/11

White Bird post on behalf of the requester:

A home is needed ASAP for this lovely gelding, located in the Silver Spring area. He was a lesson horse who suffered an injury from which he has largely recovered, but he is is not up to the demands of his former job.  So the owner will send him to the auction (and an uncertain future), if a home can’t be found. There is little time on this one- weeks, probably.

He is 13 years old and has done low level eventing. He was a good jumper, but hasn’t jumped since his injury in June.  He’s 15.3H. His barn has had him since he was about 5. He has not been the best dressage horse, especially at the canter, as he swaps leads behind to balance himself.  The requester doesn’t own him, but trains him for the barn that does. We recommend that his future home evaluate him for his current capabilities, due to his recent change in condition.

He injured himself in a fall to his knees, which required sutures on one knee. He is now stiff starting out most days on that knee, but can warm up out of this. He is not sound all the time, but he is not lame all the time, either.

This horse is a good boy who has had a job for years.  Now that he is unable to do this job, he deserves a quieter home with owners who will ask less of him.  He does not deserve to end up on a truck to Canada. If there is anyone who can reach this horse, please contact the person trying to help him, at:  For you cross-posters out there, please feel free to circulate this request!

Arabian Gelding – Loudon County, VA

This is an attractive 9 yo 15.2h bay Polish Arabian gelding that was purchased for my niece.  He is a lovely and affectionate horse with good ground manners.  Veterinary and farrier is up to date.  He does well barefoot. He is on 24 hr turnout w/supplemental hay and 3# grain 2x/day.  He gets on well with other horses.  Sadly, this horse is not not a good match and we are trying to find him a home with a more experienced and consistent rider.    He needs to be taken right back to ground work, and go forward from there to establish new rules.   He has never bucked or reared, and is very respectful and easy to work with on the ground.


Needs a Safe Home – SE VA

A 13.2 hand welsh pony mix who is 30+ years old. Found and rescued in desperate need of good grass and grain.   She has been pastured her with a gelding and about 6 miniatures.   She is doing much better, and has put on a lot of weight and she looks good except for some muscle loss.   She seems to be walking with a bit of pain in her hips and shoulders, and you can see it a little in the field when she is running with the other horses. In addition, she only has one eye

She cannot be kept in her current situation and needs a companion home badly.   Is there anyone who can help me with this old girl,  she deserves a great retirement place.


Karen Jones Hansel


Looking for a Home – Central VA



Looking for help in placing two horses I have taken care of and need to find suitable homes for.  One Arab Mare (bay) Sarah, about 10 years old, and one quarter horse / Arab mix gelding (gray) Rookie, about 21 years old.  Both are well tempered, the mare was only partially saddle broke, but has not been worked with in 4 years.   I have paperwork showing her lineage as a purebred Arabian if this is of interest to anyone.   The gelding rode western, but has poor eyesight and has not been ridden in 7 years.

Contact:   Mike Wilson

Help Needed


Winnie For Me is an unraced T-bred – she’s a bay, with a snippet, about 15 -2- born in 2006, her breeding is Windsor Castle and Lamizana (mare).  She was only partially broken – the girl who adopted her said she is too much for her to handle, can’t finish breaking her, and isn’t safe for children right now.  She’s never had ANY kind of illness or lameness – she’s a tough, and smart lil’ cookie.  She needs to be properly broken and trained, she’s 5 years old.
She is currently in Delaware, I’m in VA – but I need to find her a home within a week.  I’ve exhausted all avenues of trying to find her a new home.  Please help! I will figure out how to transport her where she needs to go.






Contact:  Johanna Jackson at:


Rescuing from Appy/POA herd

Contact has  been helping the elderly lady who owns an Appy/POA herd off Route 15 in Prince William County, VA.  She’s finally agreed to rehome the majority of her herd, and homes have been found for two so far, but some extra help is really needed.  The quality of life for these animals is virtually nonexistent, and there are a few horses to be concerned about (around 2-3 on the body condition scale). There have been about four to die since March. Contact rescued an orphan foal (links below) who would have been left in the field to die on March 29th.  Contact has been helping socialize the herds and keep an eye on them since this last winter.

They have Appy bloodlines and the owner calls them “POA”, quite a few with appy blankets and coloring.

Contact Info:

A New Home for Mawmaw WV

This pretty Appaloosa mare is looking for a home.  She is sweet, 12-14 yrs old, and in great condition except for her sight, which is partial at best.  Rescued last Summer from a stockyard auction, Mawmaw needs a permanent loving home that will cater for her specific needs.  Situated in Ballard, WV her owner will help with reasonable transportation costs.

Contact:  Karyn at

Sassy Desperately Needs Placing


Owner is desperate to place Sassy, a 15 year old, Appaloosa pony mare, recently gone blind (11/2010 after a head trauma accident).   She is 14 hands, and chestnut.   Sassy is located in eastern WV, near Martinsburg, not far from Hagerstown, MD or Winchester, VA, and needs to be rehomed  before April 20th.


A Home for Whitewash (Whitey)


Whitewash (or Whitey, as we affectionately call her,) is a mare aged approx. 18 years old.  She’s a small horse, about 14hands tall.  She is mostly snow white with streaks of black in her tail and mane.  She has black and gray dapples on her face, ears, neck and legs.  Her hooves are also striped.  She’s never been registered as an Appaloosa as far as I know.  She was diagnosed with Moon Blindness two years ago, but her sight rarely ever causes her problems.  My vet told me she may develop blindness as she ages, but she could possibly stay the way she is.  Only time will tell.  We rode her English on trails mostly.  She can be spunky when the weather gets cold, but for the most part she’s a slow, easy-going trail horse.


Anne Archer
cell: (434) 906-8197
Charlottesville, Va

Horse Rescue United (HRU)

Desperately need to place Lady a 10yr old, black 15hh Standardbred.  Not for riding.

HRU would also gladly offer a donation to any rescue that could take Lady in and would obviously cover transport costs.

To see a PHOTO of Lady, please visit:

f you would be willing to consider offering Lady a retirement home, please call HRU founder Anouk Busch at (609) 481-8561 as soon as possible to discuss.