Horses that were on our Clearing House Placement.  Owners do not always follow up with us to let us know whether their horse was placed or not.  This listing represents the tip of an enormous iceberg brought about by the increasing number of boomers, the economy, and sometimes just plain bad luck.  We wish all these horses a safe home and are only sorry that we could not have helped more.

A Home for Apache?

NOTE:  As of 8/18 Apache has been placed.

Apache is a 30y/o App Gelding on Long Island that is in desperate need! His owner had him taken up to Auction 2 weeks ago but the auction was closed! Lucky Apache, so he gets a second chance.   The owner will not now have him back, and the neighbor is going to take him back to the sale this week!  He is skinny and needs lots of TLC but he was full of life!  He was reported to be an ex-police horse but that can not be confirmed.  If there are any takers he will be cleaned up, wormed, and will be transported.  If a rescue takes him a donation will be made, but hurry time is short.

Contact:  Jessica Pecce at

Appy Stud (to be gelded) Needs Home – VA

Nice Boy – Needs Gelding

One of a large scale rescue attempt in VA.  He has a sweet personality but has been used for breeding and therefore his behavior is not totally known.  He will need to be gelded and retrained.  Is there  someone who has the ability to foster or adopt him?  He is older (age unknown at this time) but still ridable, and has been ridden before.


Flash Needs New Digs!


Pretty Flash is a 12-yr old TB/WB who stands about 16.2h.  She is sweet, safe and sane and completely rideable.  She used to be a hunter and eventer but due to a stall injury and subsequent partial loss of vision, she  can no longer show, though she has no other known health issues.  She is great on the trails and isn’t spooky or hot and has been ridden by a 12-year old girl who is not very experienced.  Flash needs a safe home and a buddy to hang with.  She can no longer remain where she is and her situation has become urgent. But wouldn’t she look terrific in your yard?  With you on her? She is located in Rockbridge County, VA.

For more information, please contact Chrystal at:

In Search of Sierra!

Update on Sierra:

She has been found and will be returning to her old owner on March 13th!


Last year a mare was sold from our barn in Southern Maryland.   We have been searching for her since then.  A colorful mare foaled in 1998, registered with the APHC under the name “CR Luvs DreamEtcher” – her registration number is 572011.   She went by the name “Dream” and also “ Sierra” at different times in her life so we are not sure what barn name someone may be using this time.

The previous owner has been unwilling to forward any information about the sale to us at all.   The previous owner sold three horses (two others where paint mares) around the same time frame so she may have been part of a package deal.   I am fearful that she went to a horse dealer as a quick sale because she has not been re-registered yet according to the appy horse club.     The previous owner wanted her gone asap to get another horse.

She stands around 15.2 h around about and is a old style appy with no mane or tail.   She would be green to ride and shy around dogs .  She also cannot be bred due to a history of red bag births (just one) which caused a lot of scar tissue.

I just want to know she is safe and in a good home.   If the new owners are not happy with her than I would be willing to purchase her from them.  The only information I could get was that she was sold to someone in Virginia and possibly flipped to someone out west???

Any information please email me asap.   If need be I have other pictures of her with her previous owner for reference.  She was sold in Southern Maryland last winter.

Contact: Francie Rose

Calvert County Treasurer’s Office

(410) 535-1600 x 2272

UPDATE:  Sierra has been found and has returned to her home! Yay!

Silver – Upstate NY


Silver is an appaloosa, gelding, 15.5 hands.  He has a certificate of registration from the national Appaloosa Horse Club, stating all the basic info about him. He was foaled on 5/13/03.  He is mostly blind but has partial vision in one eye. He has been vetted, and de-wormed.  Silver has had no formal training but he has had tack and people on his back.  He really is a sweet horse.  The farm would pay for his transportation costs/donation to the besthome.  A Coggins and the health certificate are available and Silver is healthy and has never had Coggins type problems.

Deadline for Finding a Home: 01/13/2011

Contact:  Carol Jacob


Location (City, State): Brewster, NY

Phone: 610-416-5989

Three Horses – Virginia

Horses need a good home: Sadly must find new homes due to health and reduction in income:

Southside Virginia – Call:  804-840-6256


Anglo Arab Buckskin 13 yr. gelding.  “Buck”.   He’s a looker, needs an experienced hand for level of spirit.  Stands 15.2 hands. Excellent conformation and big bones. Good health. Needs more training; he doesn’t like to load, but clips, bathes, and jumps creeks. Likes apples and pears, and anything yummy.  In the rights hands could make a great hunter jumper or polo pony.

– | –

Spirit of Oklahoma

Reg. ½ Arab/mustang Bay 15 yr. gelding.   “‘Spirit’ of Oklahoma”, Stands 15.1. Disposition is sweet and shy. Excellent trail rider,  likes to be out front, but follows nicely. Loads, x creeks, clips,  etc.  Loves apples and pears not carrots. Would make a great hunter jumper.  Asking for a good home.

– | –

Takoma Blue

Reg. Appaloosa  gelding, “ ‘Takoma’ Blue”,  25 yr. in excellent health.  He is blind, but makes his way around the pasture fine and LOVES to ride, you are his eyes.  Very solid making an excellent beginners’ mount or a great pasture companion. He loads, clips, x creeks, and follows you around like a puppy.  He’d come in the house if you let me. Likes to be with another horse in the field, uses them as his eyes. Loves, carrots, apples, pears, anything yummy. Asking for good home.


Appy Stallion – TN

This guy needs an experienced handler and a lot of rehab.  Should be gelded, although care will be needed due to age.



Description of Jeb: 16 hand leopard Appaloosa, approximately 21-25 years old.  Former dressage champion.  Blind, but very sweet.  Needs a home asap. Owner will put him down if he is not placed soon.  He is a sweety!

Note from White Bird: Our experience with blind horses is that they are not the difficult keepers they might seem.  Also their quality of life (depending on other medical issues of course) is good to very good.  Having a quiet pasture buddy and an obstruction free paddock is essential.  As our own Rudy taught us, their sense of hearing will often give them the appearance of  “seeing” what is happening around them.

Location: North Carolina

Contact: (acting for owner)