The Clearinghouse is a facility for owners, or interested parties, to publicize horses who meet the rescue criteria, but who we are unable to take in at this time.   White Bird is a Rescue of last resort, that is all other avenues of placement have been exhausted.  It is not intended for horses for sale, we do not broker sales, and we will moderate accordingly. The details of horses in need can be entered in the spaces below, and we will post up those details on the Clearing House Placement page.  Anyone interested in a horse in the Clearinghouse should go to the contact directly.  Horses posted will be shown on the Clearing House Placements page until placed, or if no further notification is received, transferred to the Clearinghouse Archive.

Horses posted in the Clearinghouse remain at their current location, and are not taken in by the Rescue. Any agreements are purely between the outside parties, and White Bird is not responsible for the validity of the descriptions nor the agreements entered into.


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